Working Instead Of Sleeping – Why A Midnight Post Is Better Than An Hour’s Sleep

It’s 01:08 pm as I am writing these lines.

I’ve been on a day off due to holiday, and got little done – some drumming, some writing, no coding. I am suppose to be up tomorrow at 07:00 am, to take my car to the shop and then drive the 65-minute commute to my upstate job. I am a terrible driver when I’m tired (as we all are), and would love to get at least 6 hours of a decent night’s sleep before driving. Also, I have the day’s work in front of me-boring, monotonous work that I do just because I have to for the time being – I’m an army officer, and I signed up for 4 years, which end at the end of February next year.

I can’t sleep, I can’t write, I can’t read – But I can eat.

It makes sense for me to be asleep now – if not only for the reasons I’ve stated above, but for the sheer fact that sleep is very, very important for the body and to your mental health. But I can’t. It’s besides me why – Yeah, there are explanations and fool-proof methods to break apart the sleep barriers and get some good night rest. However – there are just some times, when nothing works. Your weary mind refuses to shut itself down.

I find it difficult to concentrate on anything important at these times. I can’t sleep, I can’t write, I can’t read – But I can eat. Oh, Yeah, I can definitely indulge myself in a bowl of hot pasta or a bag of salty chips. Usually I find myself with the remote in one hand, flipping between movies and TV shows I have little to no real interest in just to pass the time, while going berzerk on calorie-stuffed, tasty garbage food.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a writer, a programmer or a waiter – just get out of bed.

Today I decided I’m flipping the tables. 

As I was finishing one of this year’s summer smash movies,  I decided to get out of bed, turn on the light and start writing. Perhaps, if the mood strikes right, continue and promote this site on some other blogs I like. And so far so good-350 words and counting.

It seems to me, here, that there is a habit to develop: Whenever you’re in that state of sleeplessness, get up and write something. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a writer, a programmer or a waiter – just get out of bed, fire up the laptop, open Microsoft Word and start ticky-tacking away. It might (and probably will be) crap, but it will be yours, and it will be something on paper that you can show yourself the next day – instead of some foggy memory of a movie or TV show you saw yesterday, will talk about with someone today, and forget tomorrow.


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